Guide Fishing On Coleto Creek Reservoir

I fish Coleto creek reservoir weekly and I have some hot spots that produce fish for me. So here is a little bit about me.

Like many other fellows around, I am just an old country boy, trying to make it in a big old world. My father told me years ago make the best of what you have. My mother told me that if a person finds one thing in life that they really love, that they have found something.

Today I am trying to make the best of it all, and love to fish, and have for many years now. As I have full circled back around at 56 years old. I find that many things change. Today I enjoy taking people fishing, I enjoy teaching and instruction people how to fish and for years I have enjoyed the competition ( And still do today) as I get older and can see how blessed I am today, It makes me want to share it with others. That is why I decided to be a fishing guide.

I can make the same money if not more doing other things. I just decided to do what I love. To me the money is secondary when I do a job I commit, and I am not going to quit till the job is done. This I promise to every customer, no matter why you hired me as a guide. I am going to give each client my best. I gained a lot of knowledge thru the years being a havoc angler. I have fished with some of the best and some of the worsted. I've gone through a lot of boats, motors and fishing equipment etc. I've had a lot of fun for myself; today I feel I need to give some of it back. I say fishing is like an Easter egg hunt you never know what you're going to find. Some days it the golden egg and some days it the goose, heck some day's its feathers. All we can do is out best. Give me a call and my Hopes will be that you are impressed by my best. May your bites be big and your fish is healthy.

Looking forward to taking you fishing.

Coleto Fishing Guide Services


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